Greening Recap

The Jam Cruise Greening crew and our Conscious Cruisers are back onboard to help minimize our environmental impact on Jam Cruise 14. You will notice our sorting stations placed throughout the ship. These innovative sorting stations are there to improve the waste diversion of our Cruise. Our waste management greening strategy elevates the conventional ship system by sending pre-sorted material to the ships waste and recycling room. This assists MSC staff in the final sort insuring clean waste streams are delivered to the Waste Management Broward County recycling facility. The sorting stations will be labeled for easy use, just remember to put your waste in the right place! This is what Jam Cruisers kept out of the landfill on Jam Cruise 13:
-compost: .86 tons
-glass: 7 tons
-aluminum: .93 tons

GreenWill Costume Exchange

Out with the old and in with the new! Upcycle your accessories and costumes to complete that perfect look. Our system is give one, get one. Swing by the Greening and Positive Legacy Headquarters on Deck 7 between 12pm - 10pm on Days 2, 4 & 5 to donate your gently used costumes and flair. Let’s get fancy folks!

Happy Hour hosted by Ross "The Good Doctor" Klein, Ph.D

Join “The Good Doctor” and a few special Jam Cruise friends for Happy Hour on Day 4 at 6pm at the Garden Bar. Whenever the US congress needs an expert to shine light on the cruise industry, Ross goes to Washington to testify. Enjoy a couple of beers from our Brews at Seas sponsors and ask anything you'd like about the cruise industry. If you have questions about the social or environmental impacts of cruises, or which ports in the Caribbean are locally owned, the Good Doctor is the man with the answers.

Brews at Sea is now Solar Powered

Brews at Sea will harness the energy of the sun to power the generators of the kegerators. Nothing tastes better than a beer chilled with a natural energy source. Sunshine = Cold Brews at Sea.

Looking for a Few Good Conscious Cruisers!

The Jam Cruise Greening and Positive Legacy crews invite you to broaden your experience by volunteering to GIVE BACK to the JC community and the communities we visit. We need your help preparing for our Day of Service in Belize, running our Greenwill costume up-cycle program, prepping the charity auction, passing out pocket ashtrays and more. Volunteers will receive t-shirts, an entry to win a JC 15 complementary pre book, and LOTS of LOVE. Please contact us at Greening (@) for more information.

Take the pledge to be a Conscious Cruiser!

Selflessly Serve
Volunteer for Greening and Positive Legacy. Change happens at the grassroots and is for the people by the people. Volunteer on Jam Cruise 14 by contacting us at Greening (@),

Leave a Positive Legacy
Seek, support and respect local cultural and custom. I won't get sucked into tourist traps and other business that see little profit to the local people.

Consciously Consume
Give attention to what I bought and brought aboard the ship. My products do not harm the ocean environment such as coral reefs, which some sun blocks do. I'm aware of single use items. I reuse my compostable cups and will hang up my towel and use it tomorrow. Remember to also “keep your butts off the deck”! Pledge to use your pocket ashtrays provided by the greening crew (available in La Luna Bar on Deck 7) to dispose your cigarette butts.

Leave No Trace?
Put waste in its place and understand what to recycle, compost and trash. I walk lightly when exploring the islands keeping in mind beach grasses and the delicate plants were there first